Interactive booths.
Installations with robots, neon, projections.
Emotions, style, art.
Trends in the event industry.


Futuristic and technologic MULTI-CAMERA NEON CUBE. It is a mix of our GLAMBOT NEON, but at it's heart is our the wireless multi-camera technology from our latest development - RED CARPET. A Hollywood level motion control technology allows to program the movements of the robot with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.
Our algorithm processes video from all cameras on the fly and automatically adds branded graphics, logos and music. The final video is instantly optimized for Instagram stories, reels, TikTok and other social networks.

Easily achieve a true WOW-effect at your event, expo or presentation.
MULTI-CAM videos are automatically uploaded to a branded website accessible via unique link. Guests of the event can watch and download them to their phones.
Camera 1: Wide lens
Camera 2: Cinematic lens
Camera 3: Ultra wide lens (fish-eye)
Camera 4: Zoom lens