Interactive booths.
Installations with robots, neon, projections.
Emotions, style, art.
Trends in the event industry.


What is Robo-Selfie Booth? A real industrial robotic arm is equipped with a camera that moves with unprecedented accuracy and speed and is filming a 10 second video of the guest (or more often - guests - as it is much more fun to make videos with your friends).
Videos are automatically uploaded to a branded website accessible via unique link. Guests of the event can watch and download them to their phones.
Looking for new ideas for event or promo? We know how to boost the brand awareness: the cutting age technology Robo-Selfie at your service. This setup is often looked for by the following names: glambot, glamdroid, robotic arm camera, bolt robot, cinebot bolt.
No waiting time! As soon as guests step out of the booth, the final video with music and branding is instantly available for preview. Just a few clicks - and it is on your phone, ready to collect likes in your favourite social media platform.
Not only will your guests have an unforgettable experience, but you can also use it as a marketing tool via social media connections – which means even more visibility for your brand! Our Robo-Selfie Booth offers an innovative way to engage with your guests and increase brand awareness!